November 20, 2014



    In many respects I have now started over.

    Since last blogging, we sold a house, bought a house, moved into it - in a new town which I love- left xanga, became addicted to facebook, and learned to live a new life, one without Dylan. Dylan died on October 4, 2010, so it's been a 4 year process. Lots of pain, lots of ugliness, lots of Grief work, but here I am.



    I think I'm all moved into the new xanga through wordpress too. It's different. I'm used to using emojis and don't know how to add them here. Maybe that's a good thing. We used to have to express ourselves with our writing, not with smiley faces. (Here I would insert a smiley face!)

    Maybe I'll start with our move.


    I must thank Michel Fauquet for helping me get started.

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