January 23, 2016

  • Good Morning

    ...and happy weekend. The news today is all about the blizzard on the east coast. Here in Chicagoland we barely got a dusting. We've had quite a snow deprived winter thus far this season. In younger days that would make me sad. Nowadays, not so much. I'm sure I would really miss winter if the move turns out to be somewhere south or to the dessert.


    I think that FL has almost been ruled out as a destination. AZ still seems to be on the table but I'm not sure that will come to fruition either. Newly in consideration is CO. If I had my druthers? I'd go back to the east coast. It still feels like Home. At some point I think I need to make a list, pros and cons, of the places in the running.

    My main consideration, whether it should be or not, is proximity to a son. It doesn't look like it will ever be both sons as they are not now, nor look to be in the foreseeable future, in the same states. I haven't really considered the option of living my own life away from them both, but perhaps I should consider that too.

    The other major consideration, of course, is finances. There are several states much more retirement friendly than others, and if I am planning on living past next Thursday, I really need to financially plan better, especially now that William is gone.

    I have done the math and figured out that I can continue to live here at least another year, which is great, not only because I love my house and little town, but because it gives me time to do the research and make all those decisions in a reasonably informed manner. First up, a list of states that do not tax social security nor retirement funds.

    At least then I'll have narrowed choices from 50 to 10. Progress!



    Addendum: Did some homework. It looks like these are my choices.




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  • Hawaii?

    I wish you well and glad you have time to plan!

  • @HUMOR_ME_NOW: Darn it all, not Hawaii! Thanks, Frank.

  • Arizona seems to be a popular place. My inlaws have a place in Sun City. They really like the community - lots of activities and the weather is great. Only drawbacks - you have to be 56 to own property and not visitors under retirement age for more than 2 weeks. It is a great place to visit and the colder it gets here the more attractive moving there becomes!

  • @murisopsis: except I'm a cold weather kind of girl. I think prolonged temps over 90, or God forbid 110, would be the death of me.

  • I can't see you in the south or in buffalo land. Alaska would be very expensive to visit folks. Delaware, might be the most home like unless you follow a son.

  • My conclusion too. This would be so much easier with a daughter. Or maybe not.

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