January 24, 2016

  • Sunday Means Football

    Football, one of my many weaknesses. I'm not sure it's a politically appropriate game anymore, what with all the concussions and TBIs. But I do love the game. Today will be the last game before the Super Bowl. Of course my team -Da Bears- don't often make the post season. Regardless, I'll be watching and rooting against NE. I'm sure they'll win, but a girl can wissh.

    Happy Sunday!


    Wow, happy Sunday indeed. The Broncos are going to Super Bowl 50!

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  • I waited 37 years before the 49nrs won a championship!! Lol

  • The Patriots are second only in the "dislike" list to the Cowboys. I think we are going to have a small super bowl party but the game will be secondary to the food and company!

  • Glad your wish came true! New England loses!

  • Found you. Just curious why here and not in Just the Girls?

  • @LonaMay: I've been feeling disconnected, and like I have longer things I need to work on than what I should tap out to the girls everyday. We tried a smaller group after several said they aren't comfortable with how big the group got, with not knowing everyone, but it isn't the same without you, and no one is really writing much. I should have thought to make a second account long ago. I thought of going back to my note section but that seems reserved for Dylan. I don't know. I'm not at peace with myself, don't feel like I'm good company. Am scattered and sad and not accomplishing much.

    But enough about me. Miss you and hope things are better than they sound. Did the house you were interested in fall through?

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