February 24, 2016

  • And The Winner Is...

    After months of deliberating I have made a tentative decision about The Move. Tentative because I have a year yet before the house goes on the market, and we all know a lot can happen in that time. But if all goes well, I will be moving to Colorado. I struggled a lot with the decision for several reasons, but while it isn't exactly perfect, I am at peace now that I've made it. I've spoken to both sons, they seem to be cool with it. My plan will be to move to the Denver-to-Boulder area and rent an apt or condo for 6-12 months while I explore the area, find one I want to live in and then go house hunting. Or condo hunting perhaps. I know that I have a lot of time and could have mulled this over much longer, but this way I know where I'm going and it's something else I can take off my plate. I will be near enough to eldest son that he can come over on Sundays -his comment- but not so close that we run into each other in the lobby. :wink: My middle son will then be living in the Phoenix, AZ area. It's only a couple of inches on the map, but after looking up the mileage I see it's about as far as driving from here to NY, a drive I vow never to make again...each time I make it.


    So. That's settled. Today's blizzard pretty much was all south of us. Spring cleaning inside and outdoors will be on the agenda soon. Oh, and I'm feeling fine on day four of lower med dose. That's a wonderful thing.


    The extent the blizzard reached us today.

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  • Having a plan can make everything seem less daunting. We have gotten lots of snow -heavy wet stuff. The driveway has been shoveled twice and it is snow covered yet again. Everything was cancelled but the roads weren't that bad - but with the dropping temps I'm sure they will soon be all ice.

  • @murisopsis: stay safe. It should melt quickly enough this time of the season.

  • Colorado is a beautiful state. I have some dear friends and relatives living there. Should go see them more often. Blessings on your move. :)

  • We have relatives that live in Colorado and they love it.

  • @mcbery: thank you! It won't be until next Spring, so there's plenty of time to pack and declutter and stress. :wink:

  • @HUMOR_ME_NOW: I think I will also once I'm settled in.

  • @Wissh: Seems hat the weather is going to get to 50 on Sunday... the freeze/thaw cycle is really messing with the roads - we have potholes the size of missile silos!

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