February 28, 2016

  • Oscar

    It's an Oscar day. As someone who really hasn't watched [any] movies in years, I tried to watch some of the bigger ones in anticipation of the awards tonight, so that I can watch and know what they're talking about.

    I saw The Finest Hour, The Revenant, Youth, 45 Years, The Martian, Brooklyn, Spotlight, Room, and maybe one or two I'm forgetting right now. For me, that's a LOT of movie watching, but it's been fun and most of the movies were good (except Youth) and some really excellent (The Revenant.)


    It's a really Spring-like day here today. I'm thinking that soon I really need to do Spring cleaning, and am wondering how I'll find the motivation for that!? Maybe a room at a time. I go floor to ceiling, so the curtains need to be washed, the blinds need to be cleaned, and kitchen cabinets done. Oh and windows! Will surely have to hire out windows and yard clean up. March is my month for all of that. My birthday falls on the first day of Spring. It's a lovely day for a birthday, I think. So I like to have it all done by then. This year might include some painting too. Oy! But it will be so nice once it's all done.

    Going to go do some cooking and baking now, will be in pajamas watching the red carpet fashion show by 6 o'clock.  Would you believe I've only dressed up in a gown twice in my life? Dresses of course, even some very nice dresses, but formal, beautiful gowns, just two occasions.


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  • We watched the Oscars. My wife thinks they should limit thier content to Perfromances and Awards--not political topics.lol

  • We were thinking of having an Oscar party as an excuse to dress for the Red carpet... but it was only a passing thought. Maybe next year. I watched the Martian and Inside Out. I want to see the Revenant especially since it won. We are getting new carpet in the computer room which means that room will be cleaned top to bottom and all the items sorted. It could mean a windfall for some folks at Goodwill...

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