March 4, 2016

  • It's Super Tuesday

    Watching election returns on MSNBC. I'm almost more interested in the Republican returns at this moment. Most states are in by now, and it looks like Donald Trump is winning it all. I'm not one to threaten to leave the country if so-and-so wins, but it does give me a bit of comfort to have a foreign passport. :smile:


    ....and now it's five days later.

    The following day I had a major panic attack. I managed, with the help of two friends, to eventually get it under control and NOT go to the ER, which was my first inclination. Do you know that panic attacks mimic heart attacks? Anyway, that was the first sign of anything that might be related to tapering off my anxiolytic. I've decided to wait a few more days before making the next dosage cut.

    Now that I've been to the movies by myself several times, I am going to a concert by myself next week. I bought one ticket to see Southside Johnny at a local venue. I hope to enjoy myself. My last big solo outing will be dinner in a restaurant alone. I'm pretty sure I'm not ready for that yet.

    My son is in AZ this week for a bit of R&R and scoping out the area to see if he will really want to live there. So far his texts have all been positive. I, myself, have been "window shopping" houses in the Denver area. Coincidentally, US News and World Report has just put out their annual best cities to live and Denver ranked number one.

    The weather these last few days has been warm. And cold. Sunny. And snowy. Gotta love El NiƱo. A few more weeks until Spring. :wink:

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  • So glad you had some friends to help you through the panic. I always thought that eating alone was strange. However when eating with a good book to read is like dining with an old friend!!

  • Panic attacks are terrible and many have them.

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