March 17, 2016

  • It's St. Paddy's Day.

    When I first started blogging here on xanga it was November 2004. My very first entry, as I recall, was about the Thanksgiving that had just passed.

    As the years went by I wrote stories, posted photos, documented our travels. In the mid to late oughts it became disproportionally about two of my kids and I started posting "protected" for  privacy so that I could still get the benefit of writing it all down but only have my friends reading.

    Now those archives have disappeared from xanga, though I did save them on my own. One of these day I plan to get them together, but not just yet. During the few years that I only Facebooked, there were/are big gaps. It doesn't compare at all. It certainly isn't helpful in a therapeutic sense.

    Today I went to have the second ultrasound done, the follow-up that the doctor wanted after last month's abnormal results, which followed the elevated CA125. I hope I don't need another done. There worse diagnostic tests, but this one certainly isn't pleasant either. The technician, of course, couldn't say anything about the test or the little red spot that kept appearing on the monitor. After she was through, she excused herself to go show it to the radiologist. Hey, wait a minute! That didn't happen last time. Unfortunately, the radiologist didn't come back in with her. I have to wait for the results to get sent to my doctor who will then discuss the results with me.

    I was so sad being there all alone being scanned for cancer too. I have sat in that hospital so often I don't even have to log in to their wifi. It automatically logged me in.

    Have I mentioned patience isn't one of my many virtues?



    Addendum: Test is done, results are back. Being sent to gyne oncologist. Appt made for March 29th.

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  • Sounds serious! I do hope you are going to be OK. I have faith in oncologists. Patience is a hard thing to cultivate...

  • Wishing you the best. They can do so many things now about cancer.

  • It aggravates me that the archives are gone, but I also saved all mine ~ and am thankful I did!

  • And by the way, hopefully, all will be well for you very soon ~

  • @murisopsis: thank you. I am to have a CT scan, not MRI, next week before meeting with the oncologist. I've chosen to be characteristically optimistic until proven otherwise.

  • @fwren: have you done anything with your archives? Mine are still just sitting on my laptop.
    Thank you for the well wishes.

  • @HUMOR_ME_NOW: thank you, Frank. Yes they can, I'm still hopeful it isn't that. Will know in a week.

  • @Wissh: No, just in my computer, but don't think that they are any good. I have saved all my posts from all the years as Word documents. Glad I have them.

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