March 23, 2016

  • Coffee and Chatter

    Most of Dylan's birthday passed uneventfully. I posted lots of pics and a couple of memorial videos on Facebook. There were a few tears shed towards the end of the day when I saw an update his brother posted. Sometimes I get lost in my own grief, forgetting he also had 2 brothers and a dad who love and miss him.



    This morning I was outside talking to my son about some home repairs when the neighbor across the street pulled into her driveway. We exchanged waves, but then she invited me over for coffee and cupcakes. She was carrying the bakery box.  I accepted and went over a few minutes later. Her home is a brick bungalow like ours, just a bit smaller.

    She was boiling water for her French press coffee maker while I was in the dining room chatting with her mom who was setting cupcakes up on a platter. Creamer and sugar bowl came out, coffee, cups and saucers looked to be fragile fine china. Her table was covered with a beautiful lace tablecloth. Old family photographs covered the walls and the furniture were antiques. It was such a different version of my house.

    It was really lovely to spend an hour chatting with other women. We exchanged phone numbers. Later in the day she texted and said I was very funny! The only set of China I have was given to me a few years ago and has never even been unpacked. My dishes are mismatched fiesta ware and my flatware doesn't match either. And no tea/coffee cups. Mugs only. All different colors. So when I return the favor I hope MUCH more casual will be okay. :wink:


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  • Yes, part of the pain of grief is watching others go through it too. :( Blessings and happiness wished for you.

  • @mcbery: thank you, mcbery!

  • I enjoyed that. Have you ever written anything before like a book, short story, or magazine article.

    Yes, others miss you son. It was quite a loss.

    Cupcakes and tea--delightful. Just what we all need!! And exchanging phone numbers is great. My wife is lonely in this town. She would love that. You are blessed.

  • It was not the cups and fancy table cloth but the warmth of the company that made it lovely. I'm surethe neighbor will enjoy the tea you serve even in Styrofoam cups! Go glad you found some joy on that sad day .

  • @HUMOR_ME_NOW: You flatter me, thank you, but no, the only writing I've done is online, blogging. Oh wait! I had a letter to the editor published once! :wink:
    I empathize with your wife. I don't really have any friends in this area either. Most of my "friend time" is online. Were I in your area I think I would spend my time at the beach though. But maybe that's just the pipe dream of an east coast transplant to the landlocked Midwest.

  • @murisopsis: You are right of course. It just made me wonder if I was a special guest or if that's how they always do it. My husband used to have an old auntie when we were young who refused to take her tea in a mug. She always wanted a "schöne tasse" (a beautiful cup) and saucer. The memory still makes me smile.

  • @Wissh: I was born in Ca. Near the beach. My career had me working in the Mid-West for 20 years then transferredn back to Ca.---- never to leave. Again! Lol

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