July 17, 2013

  • Farewell?

    I haven't read yet whether xanga will be shutting down or not. It seems people are moving to livejournal. I haven't checked them out, but will open an account so that I can continue to read those I've been reading for years. (Most have gone on to other places already, and some I do keep in touch with on facebook.)

    I am Chris Hadley on facebook. Send me a message if you're interested and I will give you my email address to find me, I'm sure there are many Chris Hadleys.

    I will try to keep this name on livejournal if it's available, just to keep it simple. If you've changed your name there I'm sorry I'll miss you..... especially if you're a xanga regular and I've gotten to know you and your family, or are preggers and I won't know how things are going!
    I was able to download my archives on StW's computer, maybe it was a mac compatibility problem. Thanks for the memories.