December 10, 2014

  • Preparing For Christmas


    William decided that we should support the Boy Scouts and get our tree from them rather than attempting to hike around the tree farm, as my brace is still on my leg. (Ortho appointment next week!) So we did. I can still take an awfully long time finding The Perfect Tree, even in a lot with a much smaller selection. Tradition has it that tree hunting day must be wickedly cold, preferably with some sort of precipitation, but we broke with tradition there too. (Is this what getting old looks like?!)

    10649651_10204458444533059_2350684474670082106_n    1395227_10204458444653062_8158046751969536025_n
    I wandered around the river bank as the kind Boy Scout tied the tree to the top of our car.


    This is The Fox River in Batavia, Illinois.


    We decided the tree needed to go up on a chest again this year due to our rambunctious 5 month old puppy, Cupcake. ;)


    It doesn't show up well in this photo, but I added a string of purple lights (and many purple ornaments) to the tree. It makes me happy and is my way of including Dylan. Eldest son, Wayne, will be coming next week and will stay through the holidays. Son, Justin, will set the ramp up for him again and install some extra handles on a couple of doors to make it easier for Wayne to get in and out and reach to close doors behind him.

    I wrapped presents today and planned the Christmas menu. I'm cooking a traditional German dinner this year and have already ordered the meat from the butcher. It's always so nice to have the "kids" home, though the absence of one is always felt by everyone when we are all together. Still, I'm getting excited.

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  • oooooh ~ the purple sounds delightful! and a German meal? I bet it will be yummy ~ :)

  • Thank you, Fwren. There are a few family recipes that were passed down. They are all so labor intensive though, not to mention down right unhealthy for those of us trying to eat better. But, heck, it's Christmas, right? Calories don't count on Christmas! ;)

  • I noticed your comment on John's post and thought I'd come visit! Welcome back to xanga 2.0 please feel free to come visit my blog and I'll look forward to getting to know you!!

  • Hey, Wissh! Looks like ya'll are ready for the main Jolly Elf. Hey, I too am searching for my muse which I know I left here in Xanga somewhere. Happy Holidays.

  • Hello Christine I am sure you had a good Christmas including the memory of Dylan.
    You got a beautiful tree in encourging the scouts .

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