February 14, 2016

  • The Fourteenth

    Problem with being an introverted widow: no one to talk to. Which doesn't actually bother me every day because I have become a much more quiet person than I was in my youth. Or even just a few years ago when I was still working. The more you isolate yourself, the more isolated you become. Obviously.

    But sometimes things come up and I feel the need to discuss them with another person. Things like earthquakes or crane collapses, or the death of Antonin Scalia. I have two sons left, neither of them here at the moment, but even if they were, I wouldn't be discussing those things with them. Interesting too, they are both very different, so I wouldn't necessarily even be discussing the same types of things with them.

    But with The Husband, anything was fair game. Earthquakes and structural failures would have him glued to the screen trying to diagnose the reason for the collapse. He was my math guy too. Politics and football were my things, but he always listened. In politics we could have real discussions. With football he was always amazed that I kept up with it all every year and could intelligently discuss it with anyone.

    Well football is over for the season, but politics is just getting more interesting everyday. Last night's republican debate (down to six men fighting for the nomination) was so ugly I actually wondered if there would be fisticuffs. I kept thinking "oh my god, the whole world is watching this, for shame, for shame."

    President Obama has 11 months left as President of the United States, and yet the Republican Senate wants him to hold off selecting the next Supreme Court Justice. His constitutional duty, as it is the Senate's to vet and approve him/her. But there's talk of them causing a delay and a delay and a delay until it does end up the next President's responsibility. Of course they're hoping that will be a republican. Scalia, was a super convservative. Supremes are supposed to be nonpartisan, but that's changed since the 50's. With Scalia's death, the Court is tied. Not much will get done until that seat is filled.

    Agh, tapping my thoughts out on an iPhone isn't a substitute for a chat with William.

    Guess I'll go shovel snow instead.

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  • It is shameful indeed that the politics in Washington DC has become so polarized. I would like to spank the lot of them! Surely a justice can be named and confirmed by reasonable people. I guess there is a shortage of reasonable in DC...

  • My wife and I watched excerpts from the Debacle Debate. I said to her, 'And they want to be President of the USA!!!!! I keep hopping Bloomberg will really run for President as an Independent.

    My wife's interest in football and the news has grown over the years. I was hooked at an early age. My wonderful dad listened to the news on radio 24/7 and drank coffee all day. So do I. Lol

    Sorry you don't have anyone to share with. I am praying that God will give my wife one girl friend in our home town. She needs one.

    Wishing you the best,


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