January 30, 2016

  • Saturday Plans

    When I first realized my xanga, or at least part of it, had survived the great purge, I debated whether to start writing here or resume writing in the Notes section of Facebook, where I wrote at least each month after Dylan's death until the second year. I chose to come back here because the halls here feel pretty empty right now. I feel comfortable allowing my mind to flit and flutter and to just babble and ramble about whatever spews forth. I didn't feel like writing for readers. Wonder if that makes sense.

    Today's Coffee Time is being spent with Freddie on my lap. He's going for a grooming tomorrow. He'll come back half his size.

    I'm thinking about driving up to Lincolnshire today. It looks like a cloudy, gloomy day and there are a few movies I'd like to see before the Oscars. Movie watching hasn't been a big part of my life and pretty much not at all the last few years, but I watched a couple on demand recently and was surprised that I was able to sit still and pay attention. So I'm going to run with it and see a few more. One that I've really wanted to see, 45 Years, is only showing in limited theaters, hence a trek up to Lincolnshire. While up there I can also stop at the Lovin' Oven, Kuhn's, Kevin's, and do a drive-by of our old house. Sounds like a plan and a full day.


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  • Sounds like a fine and enjoyable plan! I hope you get to see the movies before the Oscars. I still haven't seen Inside Out and that is on my list of must sees. I'm always disappointed when we do a drive-by of the old house - they have painted it ugly and haven't kept it up like it deserves...

  • My wife went to a movie for the first time in decades---to see Star Wars. Lol.

    Enjoy your plans.

  • @HUMOR_ME_NOW: I haven't seen it yet. Hope she enjoyed it.

  • @murisopsis: The house itself looks pretty much the same except they stained the cedar fishtails a different color. But the property, wow! They took down a ton of trees, and turned the woods into more of a park, complete with mulch throughout. Lots of money going into that place.

  • Hope your day was beautiful ~

  • Good for You Chris!!

  • You become an eminent specialist of movies and certaily a good analyst .
    I am glad to find again you here Christine .
    I hope your trip in Lincolnshire has be well filled .

  • @fwren: thanks. It was more like a comedy of errors, but it was okay, and in retrospect probably a positive experience.

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