January 29, 2016

  • Almost A Weekend

    Two political things have been taking up some of my time. I find I can help as long as I don't need to leave the house to mingle with hordes of people too often. At home is when the anxiety is most often closest to under control.

    I'm helping with Bernie Sanders' campaign. (I thought about having this be a politics free zone, but that would be silly -it's my blog!) It's the first time I've ever done anything like this. I couldn't join the army of volunteer door knockers who went out to Iowa, but I can easily make phone calls and participate locally.

    The second issue is very local. The majority of the residents of our quaint and historic little town are fighting the mayor, city council and planning commission over a proposed 220 unit, 5 story apartment building. With high rents, the builders will be marketing it to mostly millenials making over 70K. (The builder claims 220 units is the least they can do and still make money. They have already purchased the property and razed the building that was there.) I see several problems with this, and judging by the signs in their yards, and the attendance at meetings, I'm not alone. I do wish William were here to add his professional opinion. I know he would be unimpressed with the buildings themselves, not quite hideous, but nothing special, interesting, unique. Those same buildings can be found anywhere. Then there is the size, dwarfing everything else in town, traffic and parking considerations. And where do they think these new residents are going to come from? This isn't The Field Of Dreams. 220 families with the correct finances aren't just going to decide to move to the far western 'burbs because they built it.  I'm not against growth and expansion. If they were three stories instead of five I would live with it. But as it is, I need to join my neighbors in protest. Also new for me, but what the heck, I'm retired, I certainly have time to add my voice and tap out a few letters.

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    Speaking of if you build it they will come...I'm alone now, not really cooking much, certainly not full meals, and absolutely not every night. But last night I did. I made 2 salads, two veggie dishes, a rice dish and chicken. For four people. At six o'clock. At six-fifteen I texted them to find out their approximate ETA's so I didn't ruin dinner. I cooked it, but they didn't come. Apologies were texted back almost immediately. They'd all forgotten and now had other plans. One was working late, another had plans with her sister, another a massage appointment. I must say, I took it in stride. Perhaps I should have called to remind them during the week? Anyway, lesson learned, dinner divided up for fridge and freezer, kitchen cleaned. (All of them? Really?)


    Emotionally today was another good day. I did some grocery shopping, then stopped at Barnes & Noble where I haven't been for a very long time. It's changed in that time, going with the flow to stay in business, I guess. I could easily have spent more time, but it was very hot in there, and me in my winter coat. It worked out well. I escaped with what I'd gone for plus only 3 additional things. Score!

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  • I'm feeling the Bern too! Anyway we have condo building that was put up right on the river nearly across the street from our church. They have been empty since they were completed 3 years ago. They are on the river with no yards and are 3 story units. They are not suitable for children or the elderly and the cost is so high that most people can't afford them. One unit out of 10 has been sold. All the rest are just sitting there. So they built a 5 story apartment complex just on the next block - no parking and no green space. Based on the projected rents there won't be any occupants either! What are they thinking?! Lobby hard against it!

  • @murisopsis: I absolutely will. Which river are you on? Here it's the Fox River.

  • Good for you getting active in politics. More people need to do that.

    Most local politicians like these new apt. Complexes because of taxes they will pay.

  • Could they not have learned from the struggles of the hi rise built in St. Charles that struggled with vacancy issues for years. I don't know if they still do, I've lost touch.

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