February 18, 2016

  • Man's Work and Stuff...

    I am a feminist by dictionary definition only. As far as everyday life is concerned, I believe in women's work (pretty much everything) and men's work (the stuff women really DO NOT want to have to deal with.)

    For instance, the CAR. I don't know why I feel so strongly about it. I mean, other than it's an odious chore that I abhor, of course. I don't want to go to the car wash. I really don't want to go get the oil changed. And having to do more than that, like does it need new tires or why is the engine light on, is enough to send me into a full blown hissy fit.

    I also don't BBQ. It's not that I don't like to eat BBQ, but I am not running in and out of the house, salads and sides in the kitchen, meats and veggies on the grill. That's just silliness. I rarely even use the grill on my stovetop because it isn't worth the cleanup.

    There are household and yard and garden type chores that I wouldn't mind delegating, but for the most part I can and will do them.

    Well. That list didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would. Surely I've forgotten something. The only one that will forever be my cross to bear now, will be the car. I'm thinking of it today because I have two dashboard lights currently on, the little wrench and the tire pressure light. I already googled all the lights to find out their meanings for my make and model car. I know that procrastinating these things is not a smart idea. And, dammit, there's no one to sweet talk into taking care of it for me!


    Next week I will be starting with an 8 week (once a week) bereavement group through the HOSPICE. Can't hurt, right? Maybe I'll find it helpful.


    The local Community College Summer catalog arrived today. William and I always talked about taking classes together. Once we moved here we actually drove over to see how far the drive was, whether it was doable or not. One of our issues was that he wanted to take the same class, but I wasn't interested in any classes he was interested in, and vice versa. By the time last year's catalog came out, he was too ill to go. Those aren't issues anymore, so I read through the catalog today and picked 2 classes. I will enroll this Spring.

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  • The bereavement support group will be good to explore. My mother went to one and she is still in contact with several of the women nearly 9 years later. I bet the college courses will be fun! I have toyed with the idea of taking a couple of classes but my work schedule just won't permit it. I refuse to mow the lawn. I will either pave it, sell it, or pay someone to do it!

  • @murisopsis: I love the way you feel about the lawn.

  • Advancing your education is a great idea and you will meet lots of people.

    Grieving is very, very difficult. I like the idea of support groups. My wife went to one when her mom and aunt were with us fiver years. We were caregivers. That is hard to do.

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