February 20, 2016

  • Semi-Productive Saturday

    Today is a cooking and baking day. I don't plan them ahead but I did go shopping yesterday with a few recipes in mind. I find chopping and preparing quite cathartic. I still don't cook for one, but I have been dividing, labeling and freezing leftovers. Right now I have a new chicken stew recipe in the slow cooker. I'll make meatballs next and then get a marzipan cake in the oven. Might as well get a few things out of one messy kitchen! And, boy, am ever a messy cook. Luckily, our new house has quite a small kitchen that's a breeze to clean after I'm done cooking.

    Chicagoland had very heavy winds yesterday. There seems to be lots of damage in the city, and I was concerned about the trees and roof here, but everything held up to what was reported to be 69 mph winds.

    As I've mentioned before, I continue to angst over where to move and have also added worrying about selling the house if the economy takes another dump like in 2007-2008. But I have made a little progress, and unless things change drastically between now and next spring, I have decided to move to the Denver area. I suppose I could become a Broncos fan. The weather is much better than here, but there are certainly still 4 seasons. I have Denver as well as a few other places on my weather app which I check daily and consistently it's nicer there than here, be it not as hot in the summer, nor as cold in the winter. Sounds like enough of a tentative plan to work towards.

    How do people with pets go on vacation? I've been wanting to take a couple of trips but I really don't want to kennel the dogs. The cat isn't too much of a problem because my son can take care of him, though he's a snuggly cat and will get lonely. Ah well, it isn't something to stress over yet, maybe by late spring, or even summer.  Right now I don't have any sure plans other than Grand Rapids in July for the wheelchair tennis tournament.

    There's a caucus and a primary today. Will go finish in the kitchen then turn on early returns.

    Have a great weekend!

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  • Sounds like you are making the house smell wonderful! If you have any close friends that would be willing to house sit/dog sit that can be a good solution for vacations. Sometimes it gives peace of mind to have a person staying at your house. You appear still home, the pets are not uprooted and exposed to any germy/wormy animals, the pets' routine is maintained, and it is usually cheaper to have a house/pet sitter especially when you have multiple animals. Your Veterinarian may have a recommendation or you could ask friends and relatives. Sometimes a responsible grandchild is just the answer.

  • We had a very windy few days too! Should have seem the local landfill area. I took some pictures. Looks like a tornado went through.

    I need to figure our what's for supper yet.

  • When we travel our cleaning lady becomes a house sitter and she takes care of our dog. Our Vet offers boarding, but it is pricy.

  • You could always pencil in a New England trip.

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