March 9, 2016

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    I just read an article about anti-regulation republicans drinking raw milk and getting sick. I love the idea of drinking raw milk but I'm a cynic and don't trust where it's from and that it isn't contaminated.

    The whole thing reminded me of a story from when I was little. I don't have many good memories of childhood so I'll have to remember to share this with the sons.

    My dad and I took a walk from the village to the farm to get fresh milk. He carried the big milk can. People walked and biked much farther back in those days. On our way back from the farm we stopped every so often and he would take the lid off the can and fill it with milk which we would drink. By the time we got back to the outskirts of the village there wasn't enough left. I had two baby brothers at home. So we turned around and walked back to the farm for a refill. :smile:


    Last night eldest son and I finally had a good catch-up conversation. We talked a bit about my move next year, how he's doing, and then he asked how my candidate did yesterday. So we talked a bit about politics too. I know that some time in the last few years he has switched party affiliations. I know this first hand because there was quite a *spirited discussion* between brothers at the dinner table during his last visit home. Anyway, I haven't asked because I was afraid of the answer so was almost thrilled to learn that not only isn't Trump his "guy," but Cruz isn't either. Yay!


    March. It's the month of Spring. My birthday month. My mother, niece and nephew also have birthdays this month. But most importantly, it's my son Dylan's birthday month. He would have been 26.


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  • I remember the first time I tasted raw milk - it was not at all like store milk! I'm glad your son is not enamored of Mr. Trump like so much of the GOP seems to be.

  • I never drank raw milk even though I was raised in a farming area.

    I also have stories as a kid that won't go public.

    The list of candidates is depressing. I was hoping Bloomberg would run.

  • We drank fresh milk a lot when we were first married, but I always brought it to a boil first, then chilled it ~

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