March 12, 2016

  • Who Loves DST?

    Last night I went to a concert in the next town over. St. Charles, Il, a relatively small town too, has reclaimed an old theater and consistently books acts really worth traveling to see. For me, the commute is about 2.5 miles! It was my first ever show alone. I admit I was a bit uncomfortable. More than a bit. But by the time the music started I was fine. When it was over though, I didn't linger nor mingle. Guess I'll need to work on being comfortable solo in a world full of couples.

    This morning I went grocery shopping and to the post office. Now I'm contemplating giving Cupcake a bath, she desperately needs one but it's been a two person job in the past. Freddie hates baths but he's small enough for me to manage. Cupcake doesn't seem as resistive to getting wet, it's more like she thinks the bathroom and I should be equally as wet.

    I have been feeling pretty well and definitely ready for the next taper off my med. This next taper (Monday) is a big one because after that I will only be on one tablet of .5 mgs in the morning. I'm proud of myself for doing it and for doing it in such a safe way. I'm usually one to jump into projects full speed ahead.

    While I was out last night, there was some unrest at the Trump rally in Chicago. So much so that it was decided Trump wouldn't appear, which only made the crowd wilder. Lots of news, speculation and opinion pieces about it all this morning. This is the longest, strangest, most bizarre election cycle I can remember.

    Happy weekend everyone. Don't forget your clocks Spring Forward tonight!


    Addendum: Cupcake had her bath. Cupcake and I had her bath. Even the bathroom joined in!

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  • I'm so glad you were able to take in the show!! Not that it means much but I'm proud of you for tapering off the meds and still going to the show by yourself. Our dog hated baths - so much so that he would attempt to destroy the bathroom. After an especially harrowing bath where he knocked the sliding glass door of the tub, we decided to always bathe him outside. He would get an early spring bath on the very first non freezing day, a bath mid summer, and finally a late fall bath on the last warm day... It worked for us all and he didn't smell too doggie in between.

  • My wife sends our pooch to the groomer. We take the easy way out.

    Agree, good that yout got out to see a show. Sounds good. I have never been one to linger.

    I set the clocks last night. My dog is not on day light saving time, but she heard me in the kitchen.

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