March 14, 2016

  • Elections

    Someone asked me today why I will not be voting. Considering the interest I take in politics, and how actively I've been campaigning for my candidate, it's a very reasonable question. It just surprised me that she didn't know, we've known each other about 12 years.

    When we first moved to the US, I was a child. None of us spoke English. My dad learned the language in night school, my mom learned it from us. We, of course, learned it in the New York Public School system. My parents never became citizens, so as kids, neither did we.

    Once I was out on my own, it certainly wasn't on my list of things to deal with. There was school to finish, then a family and career.

    Once the kids grew up there was a time I contemplated citizenship. I studied the booklet to make sure I could answer all the questions, got finger printed, filled out umpteen forms. And then let them sit. I procrastinated for YEARS! But I dug it all out, determined to become a citizen so I could vote in this November's election.

    But now here we are. I don't recall an election cycle like this ever! Freakish. Scary. Certainly not funny. The amusement wore off long ago. I debated and deliberated and decided that my volunteer efforts would have to suffice, as I no longer want that citizenship. I'm hoping I'll change my mind soon, truly hoping it'll be after November. But as November looms, it gets increasingly more frightening. So we'll wait and see. In the meantime, I have a Facebook Page to run and I make phone calls and send texts. Be nice if I call you! :smile:



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  • Too bad you aren't able to vote but I sort of envy you your non-citizenship status. It might make it easier to land somewhere else if things go wrong here. I'm thinking I need to get my passport in order.

  • Yes, passports are in order. :) It is scary and I don't like the leading guy on our side calling people idiots and calling out companies for some of the same things he does. My guy is Ted. That's him and I'm sticking to my guy. So everyone can yell if they want to, at me too! :D

  • This is a sorry time in American history. Logic says I should vote for the lessor of two evils.

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