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  • Absolutely. And the effects of interrupted sleep are yet another cascade of symptoms related to the disruption of the circadian rhythm related to stress.... But you already knew that. I'm hoping things settle and some of these issues resolve. (hugs)

  • Wishing you the best in your grieving process---never easy and like the old saying, 'I just takes time..'

  • Val and Frank: Thank you.
    This article was enlightening, somehow both a relief and distressing. I had a patient once with early onset Dementia. She was in her fifties. Even from an outsider's point of view, it was heartbreaking. I've really been worrying about that. It scares me more than cancer. The irony is that worrying is part of the problem!
    Guess that will be next on my list of health improvement.

  • @Wissh: Worrying is a hard habit to break. I was once given a note pad that had a saying on it "Keep frowning I makes people think you are concentrating" I was in the habit of worrying and in turn frowning. I don't frown half as much and I try hard to compartmentalize the worrisome from the rest of my life... It is working so far!

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